Favorite Small Businesses

Shopping for Teddy has been so much fun but what I find even better is supporting small businesses that make excellent products for our pets and us. So I will share all the small businesses that I love right now. Some of them provided me with a promo code that I will share.

Bark House Co. - Alyssa is a mental health counselor, and in her spare time, she has a fantastic shop that she makes adorable pet accessories such as bandanas that can be personalized with your pet's name on it, pet hair bows, bow ties, and waste pouch dispensers. She does not forget about the humans. She makes fun sweatshirts and matching scrunchies to match your pet's accessory. The other thing I love about Alyssa is that she is local and born and raised in Miami like me. You also receive your order extremely quickly.


Instagram: @Shopbarkhouseco

Discount Code: Teddy10 for 10% off

CRISTOFOLI - If you want a high-quality dog bandanas with gorgeous fabric, I highly recommend checking out this shop. These bandanas are hand-made in the U.S. from high quality, durable, designer upholstery fabric remnants curated with individuality and approachability in mind. This small business is based in Ohio.


Instagram: @cristofolistyledogs

Dingus Design Co - Iris lives in DC and she has an adorable husky. She also loves to give back to different charities each month. She always makes such unique pet bandanas. Her slogan is not your basic bandana, and that is so true! I have purchased so many of her bandanas for Teddy. She also makes sweatshirts, shirts, and masks for humans, which I also absolutely love. You will not be disappointed by ordering from her. You can find her shop on Etsy.

Etsy: Dingusdesignsco


Discount Code: Teddy15 for 15% off

Gianni Cooling - Gianni makes the most beautiful leather products for your dogs. She uses quality leather goods and also gives back to pets in need. She use to work for a shoe designer in Germany. Leather craftmanship has a long history in Europe. She is currently based in North Carolina. You can also customize your leashes and collar for your dog. I am in love with her over the shoulder leashes since they are so convenient to be hands free.


Instagram: @giannicooling

Discount Code: Teddy15 for 15% off

HarperMade - Caitlyn lives in New York and was a gymnast from an early age until she graduated from college. She has a dog named Harper that she loves. She started to make things with her dog's image and then realized many people love it, so what began as a hobby has turned into a full-time business. How awesome is that turning your passion into your career?! When you purchase from her, you need to submit some photos of your pet, and then she creates shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, ornaments, and stockings with your pet's face and name. I will warn you it is tough to get one of her personalized items because people are so obsessed that she sells out in minutes. So when she lets everyone know she is opening up again, set your timer because you won't want to miss out on these adorable personalized items.


Instagram: @shop.harpermade

Discount Code: Teddy10 for 10% off

The Paw Wag Company - This small business brings you the World's 1st ever fashion eyewear collection for pets. This company is based in California. I am obsessed with their sunglasses. Teddy pretty much owns the entire collection. The great thing about them is that they fit Teddy's face perfectly, and they have a strap that is included to make sure the sunglasses stay on.


Instagram: @thepawwagcompany

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