How to preserve your Puppy's Teeth

When Teddy started to lose his puppy teeth, I began to feel sentimental. I didn't want to get rid of his teeth, and it started to feel like a scavenger hunt to make sure I found them before he swallowed them or hid them from me. I was able to collect 8 in total.

Supplies you will need

Hydrogen Peroxide

Baby Oil (or any clear oil)

Small Glass with Bottle Lid

How to

What I did was put all the teeth in a bowl with hydrogen peroxide. This will clean the blood from the teeth and disinfect them. I left the teeth in the bowl overnight.

You can get a small glass bottle pretty much anywhere online. But I got mine at Wayfair. It was called Swart Ball Decorative Bottle by Ebern Designs.

I cleaned the glass bottle with alcohol on the outside and inside to make sure it was sanitized.

Then I added baby oil inside of the small glass bottle and added the puppy teeth.

I also purchased a dog tag from Amazon that I personalized to say Teddy's Baby Teeth.

It was made by GoTags Paw Print Round and Stainless Steel.

It is that simple, and you get a keepsake from when your puppy was small.


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