How to prevent your Maltese from tear stains

I get asked a lot about how I keep Teddy clean & white all the time. I will tell you what has worked for me. I’m not a groomer or expert just a Dog Mom who has tried many different ideas.

When I got Teddy, I wanted to make sure Teddy didn’t end up with tear stains on his face. I did a lot of research, and with very little success with the options, I was finding. In the beginning, I changed his food a few times, and I even saw articles mentioning adding apple cider vinegar to your dog's water. I didn’t see any change. I also tried a lot of the tear stain remover, coconut oil, and even received medicine from his Vet. He was still getting some tears. I decided to stop all of that and try again.

These are the things I feel helped Teddy with his tears:

1. He is on an organic raw diet. He is fed Primal Pet Foods & Rigo's Meal.

2. He does not eat chicken.

3. Drinks purified water in a metal bowl. I have the PetSafe Water Dispenser for him.

4. I only give him simple ingredient treats. If I don’t know what the ingredient are, he won’t eat it.

5. He goes to the groomers once a week, and they give him blueberry facials. His groomers use Aroma Paws for his Shampoo & Conditioner.

I hope this information helps you.


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